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Texas day care sued for duct-taping 2-year-old boy to nap mat


Texas day care sued for duct-taping 2-year-old boy to nap mat

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

A lawsuit has been filed against a Texas day care center after a 2-year-old boy was allegedly duct-taped to a mat.

The incident happened two months ago, according to The Dallas Morning News. The child was wrapped in a blanket and taped to his nap mat because he was supposedly misbehaving by one of the day care center's owners. In addition, the co-owner took photographs of the young boy.

The pictures were sent to the parents of the child by a teacher at the day care center who no longer works there. According to WFAA-TV Channel 8, the teacher quit because of her concern over the incident.

A civil lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against the Heart2heart Montessory Academy in Parker County. The lawsuit also says that the school limits children to two water breaks a day and at least one child is locked in a room alone every day.

Krisit and Brad Galbraith, who filed the lawsuit, said they did so because local authorities have failed to act and they have not been contacted by Child Protective Services.

Willow Park police say they are currently in the process of talking to parents, day care employees and the center's owners. Texas' childcare licensing agency is also supposedly investigating.

Heart2Heart has not commented on the lawsuit, but did issue a statement when the photographs first appeared in June saying the best interest of the children and parents is their "highest priority."

Two other families who have children at the center have also hired attorneys.

Joyce Lupiani

Joyce Lupiani

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