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San Francisco transforming into Gotham City for BatKid

San Francisco transforming into Gotham City for BatKid

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

The city of San Francisco is on a mission today to make one little boy feel very special. 5-year-old Miles Scott of Northern California has leukemia and he told the Make-a-Wish Foundation that his wish was to be BatKid for a day.

In a rare move, Make-A-Wish asked the public for their help and got a tremendous response.

The day will begin with a breaking news story on KGO-TV. The police chief will ask the public if anyone knows where BatKid is because his help is needed to solve a crime.

Miles will then rescue a damsel in distress tied across the Hyde Street cable car line and help capture the Puzzler in the acting of robbing a downtown vault.

Next, he will be treated to lunch at the Burger Bar. During lunch, he will receive another message from the police chief about a kidnapping. BatKid will then rush to the rescue of a famous San Francisco mascot.

BatKid's final stop will be City Hall where the mayor of San Francisco and the police chief will thank him and present him with a key to the city in front of a cheering crowd.

Jen Wilson from Make-A-Wish told ABC News that the interest level in Miles' wish has been "extreme."

According to, 10,000 people signed up on Make-a-Wish's website to help make the wish come true.

The San Francisco Chronicle is even printing a special paper to be handed out in Union Square, according to a Tweet from their managing editor.

People will be able to track the days events through photos and videos. Twitter is even getting into the spirit and creating special Twitter feeds such as the one for The Penguin. Twitter hashtags include #sfbatkid and #batkid.

Follow Make-A-Wish Bay Area on Twitter.

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