Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger talks upcoming Miller Park promotions

Hank excitedly looks at the crowd there to greet him on June 24, 2014. Image by Jay Sorgi

Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger talks upcoming Miller Park promotions

By Matt Trebby. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

The trade deadline can be a stressful time not just for teams on the field, but also the rest of the organization.

The Oakland Athletics traded outfielder Yoenis Cespedes on Thursday evening, and were scheduled to have a special promotion for him on Saturday night.

"The outfielder they had, they were having a t-shirt night for him," Brewers chief operations officer Rick Schlesinger pointed out to the Wisconsin's Morning News team.

The Brewers aren't just playing meaningful games coming up, but they also have a few important promotions coming up during the next home stand.

On Tuesday, every fan at Miller Park gets a Hank the dog beach towel, while Friday also gives fans something for free, too.

Friday, a week from tonight, is all fan t-shirt. So a lot of promotions and a lot of important games. I think we're glad July is behind is. It wasn't really the best luck for us in terms of wins and losses.

The Wisconsin's Morning News team is in Sheboygan this morning, where Brat Days is taking place.

"We're the only ballpark in the country that actually sells more brats than hot dogs during the regular season, so there's something to be said for that," Schlesinger added.