Brennan: Braun 'worst drug cheat in the history of baseball that we know about'

Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun cheers after hitting a game-winning home run in the 8th inning against the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park Sunday, September 28, 2008. Image by Benny Sieu/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Brennan: Braun 'worst drug cheat in the history of baseball that we know about'

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jul 23, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A national sports columnist is not mincing words about the wrongs suspended Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun has committed, leading to him having to miss the rest of the 2013 season.

"He is the worst drug cheat in the history of baseball that we know about," said USA Today columnist Christine Brennan on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."

"He's the worst in terms of being caught," she said, before qualifying it with the discussion of Alex Rodriguez's possible impending suspension for the same baseball crime, "and that's just a matter of time."

Brennan discussed how Braun has had suspicion of PED use for about 19 months, since the initial reports came out of positive test results.

"We'd been here before with him," said Brennan. "2011, his NL MVP season, he tested positive.  The whole mullarkey that the test collector, Dino Laurenzi, keeping in his house, that he got off on a technicality - that shouldn't, for one minute, make us think that he didn't test positive."

"Here we are again with the Biogenesis stuff...he's been doing this for some time."

Brennan has been covering sports for years where these type of issues have been happening for some time, including Olympic track and field and cycling.

"We're used to, in the Olympic world, these stories where Marion Jones won the 100 meters in 2000, and then it's gone.  You look in the record book, and it doesn't exist.  Lance Armstrong, 7 Tour-De France titles, gone."

On that note, Brennan suggests Braun should turn in his 2011 MVP award.

"If he were to (say), 'I did it...I've let down the children of Milwaukee and wisconsin.  I'll give back my MVP.'...that will go a long way."

Then, there's the whole issue of Braun's supposed comeback in the 2014 season.

"We have never seen a person of this stature try to continue on after a drug bust this big....('88 Olympic gold medal sprinter) Ben Johnson, gone.  Marion Jones, enter competing again.  Lance Armstrong, never competing again," said Brennan.

"He will be booed out of stadiums for the rest of his life.  It will be a dreadful time for him."

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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