Bob Uecker to scale down Brewers broadcasts on 620WTMJ

May 31, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Bob Uecker attends the MLB game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Image by USA TODAY Sports

Bob Uecker to scale down Brewers broadcasts on 620WTMJ

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jan 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 30, 2014

The longtime voice of the Milwaukee Brewers won't be doing every game this season on 620WTMJ, but he'll be doing a majority of them.

As reported by 620WTMJ's Greg Matzek:

"I'm going to do most of the games this year.  I'm going to start cutting back," explained Uecker.

"59 years is going to be enough where I think I want to kick back and relax a little bit.  I'm going to make some of the (road) trips...but I'm going to spend most of my time, probably, at Miller Park doing the home games.  The west coast trips, I think I'm going to kind of cut back on."

Uecker added "(Mark) Attanasio, he's been telling me the last five years I should cut back, take some time off.  I never really wanted to do it.  I always enjoyed the trips, being around the guys."

He said he would focus on trips where he could see many of his friends who he's made in his decades in baseball.

"Until I have problems getting around...and I don't have any problems, I'm going to stick around (broadcasting) and enjoy it."

After recently appearing in Milwaukee at Brewers on Deck Sunday, Uecker returned to Arizona, where spring training begins next month.

"I'm looking forward to getting started here in a couple weeks," said Uecker about the first broadcast on February 28th.  "This is the time of year that I kind of get antsy."

The Brewers announced a second statue for Uecker, in the "Uecker seats" in the top row of the top deck of Miller Park.

"As long as I'm still topside to see it, I like that."

Uecker had a birthday earlier this week, and has succeeded in beating various health issues in the last few years.

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