Wayne Larrivee discusses Favre, Packers' announcement

2003 season: Favre's tribute to his dad at Oakland Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wayne Larrivee discusses Favre, Packers' announcement

By Matt Trebby. CREATED Aug 4, 2014

When Brett Favre was emerging as one of the best quarterbacks in football, Wayne Larrivee was watching it as the play-by-play announcer of the Chicago Bears.

Larrivee become the voice of the Packers in 1999, and was very aware of Favre's ability because of his performances against the Bears. He remembers one game in particular in the middle of the 1990's where Favre was dealing with a wrist injury the week leading into the game. There was speculation regarding how effective Favre would be.

"He not only played but I think he threw for over 400 yards in that game," Larrivee detailed. "He had the Bears' number… There wasn't anything the Wannstedt Bears could do to deny Brett Favre and the Packers, whether it was in Chicago or up in Green Bay."

With the news of Favre's return becoming official on Monday, Larrivee is not surprised.

"We all knew it was going to come," Larrivee said. "It was just a matter of when."

Along with former Packers great Reggie White, Favre was a key component in the team's resurgence in the 1990's.

"Along with Reggie White, and that's why it's so appropriate to have Reggie White's number retired, as well, they were the two players on the field who keynoted the Packers' return to glory," Larrivee said.

In regards to a possibly negative reception, Larrivee believes the fans will remember all of the positive memories Favre provided them, instead of all the heartache and annoyance.

"We remember the good times more than the bad times, and there were so many good times with Brett Favre as quarterback of the Packers," Larrivee said. "That's really what people should focus on."