Twitter reveals loads of respect following Packers win

Twitter reveals loads of respect following Packers win

By Katie Klein, Packers contributor. CREATED Sep 17, 2013

There’s nothing like the collective cheers of delight, clinking of beer glasses and high-fives all around from Packers Nation the hours after a dominating win, especially when it’s at Lambeau Field!

Sunday’s convincing win against the Washington Redskins definitely moved the needle on the records and yardage scale, and even though fans of the Redskins were less than pleased with their team’s performance on the field, they know respect is earned, not granted.

Flying under the radar, Kevin Durant of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder NBA joined the 78,000-plus fans during the game, and while his team took home the loss, that didn’t stop him from posting this to his official Twitter account:

Respect among teammates is nothing unusual. 

Expressing the respect via media outlets is not new either, it happens all the time in sound bites. 

But social media takes the respect love-fest to a larger public...and AWESOME level. 

So, what are my favorite tweets of the week? 

This great exchange between T.J. Lang and James Starks.

Why are these my tweets of the game? Two reasons:

1. Respect. 

It’s refreshing to see public sports professionals taking to public forums to compliment the hard work and great performance of their teammates during the big game. 

Far too often people, both public figures and everyday folk, use social media outlets to vent their frustrations and spew venom.

2. Timing and Teamwork. 

James Starks clearly has his finger on the proverbial pulse, and in this case was dialed into his Twitter account at the right time. 

No sooner did T.J. pay him the compliment, he responded with thanks and gratitude, and in a very selfless manner.  

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