Sweet success and shorts on a Packers Sunday

Eddie Lacy. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sweet success and shorts on a Packers Sunday

By Brian Gotter. CREATED Oct 8, 2013

What a game, and what a day at Lambeau on Sunday!

The light rain stopped just before we started tailgating at 8:00 am, and the clouds gradually moved out of the area to give us a gorgeous day in the low 60's with a lot of sun. 

There were a lot of sunburned faces leaving the stadium Sunday afternoon. 

It's rare to get such a perfect day at Lambeau: weather and impressive win.

I wore shorts to the game and many people came up to me while tailgating and said, "Shorts Gotter, really?  I thought you were a weather guy."

Yes, it was cool in the parking lot at 9am, but I love wearing shorts and sweatshirts, and by halftime, many people were saying I was a genius for wearing shorts with the warm sun....hahaha!

The Packers defense might be for real this season.

They are controlling the line of scrimmage and containing the running game.

They basically shut Reggie Bush down, especially after having a huge week against "Da Bears" the week before.

The first half was a throwback NFC Central-style defensive struggle in the new NFC North.

Everyone was expecting the Dallas-Denver game in Lambeau, but it ended up being the Mason Crosby show the first half. 

I give him a lot of grief, but I have to give him credit: he was impressive.  While the offense got off to a slow start, he was on the money.

Like I said, the defense looks promising, and all of a sudden the Packers have a running game.

After 45 games without a 100-yard rusher, they missed a 3rd consecutive game by just a yard.  I was a big fan of Lacy at Alabama, and he has not disappointed with a Packers. 

I expected a big win by the Packers, and they delivered.  If they would have been clicking in the first half, this would have been a blowout!

Now this team needs to step it up on the road and bring home a win from Baltimore and rise above .500.