Packers preseason Week 3: What we didn't see

Eddie Lacy. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Packers preseason Week 3: What we didn't see

By Jon Meerdink. CREATED Aug 18, 2013

Sometimes, evaluating a game is as much about what you don’t see as what you do.

For instance, we didn’t see Aaron Rodgers beyond the Packers first offensive series, despite this being the supposedly all important “dress rehearsal” third preseason game.

It flies in the face of what’s considered conventional wisdom, but Coach McCarthy and Company clearly wanted a better look at Graham Harrell with the offensive starters and a longer look at his other back-up quarterbacks.

We didn’t see James Starks at all until there was just 1:53 on the clock in the fourth quarter. He never carried the ball, and you’d be hard pressed to think of a reason why he shouldn’t be worried about the security of his roster spot.

We didn’t see much in the way of production from most of the other running backs either, but that may be a side effect of one of the other things we didn’t see much: the now infamous Cover 2.

On at least three of Eddie Lacy’s first four carries, Seattle had eight defenders near the line of scrimmage at the snap.

With Harrell in the game, the Packers’ offense didn’t have the aerial firepower to beat the stacked box, but if that trend continues, it’ll be easy pickings for Aaron Rodgers.

We also didn’t see Harrell give any reason why he should have the top back-up job over Vince Young, despite having several years of experience in the Packers’ playbook and a leg up in training camp.

He failed to move the ball and badly misfired on a few passes, including an airmailed toss over the head of James Jones inside the Seattle ten yard line.

To that point, we didn’t see Vince Young throw away any chances at the back-up job, either.

He was bailed out of his one big mistake when a Seattle linebacker dropped a gift wrapped interception. He then recovered to lead the Packers to just their second touchdown of the preseason.

Young was decisive with his throws and efficient in his running, displaying innate physical gifts Harrell simply doesn’t possess.

But above all, it’s most important to remember that on Friday, we still didn’t see the full picture of what the 2013 Packers will be.

Yes, nobody likes to lose, even in the preseason. Yes, a loss to the Seahawks might be a little more distasteful than most.

But Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson were on the sideline, Rodgers played fewer than ten plays, and the offensive line is still somewhat in flux.

We didn’t see an overwhelming amount of good things, but we also didn’t see a lot of what’s yet to come.

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