Players injured, couple engaged at Packers Family Night

Packers players taking the field for Family Night. Image by Dan Koob

Players injured, couple engaged at Packers Family Night

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 2, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 2, 2014

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9:41 p.m.
It appears a couple got engaged while the fireworks were going off at Lambeau Field.

9:36 p.m.
Should Colt Lyerla have NOT tried to do a Gabe Wilkins impersonation, and avoid injury?

His take, per Tyler Dunne of the Journal Sentinel:

9:28 p.m.
Fireworks and lasers are going nuts at Lambeau Field.  Cool show.

9:22 p.m.
Mike McCarthy at the podium...and there's not any word yet on the two injuries.

9:21 p.m.
While we wait for fireworks to start...the players' families get some fun times.

9:10 p.m.
And with a perfect Crosby kicking night, practice is over.  Now the fireworks begin.

9:07 p.m.
The kicking game begins.  No Giorgio Tavecchio in sight.  Just practice for Crosby.

9:05 p.m.
We're seeing more and more reason for Scott Tolzien to solidify that No. 3 slot...and not much else at QB.

8:43 p.m.
Daniels is showing up big time.  Datone Jones?  Maybe not.

8:39 p.m.
Watch out.  Mike Daniels is coming.

8:33 p.m.
Raji down. Not good, especially with the great camp he's had.  Grabbing right ankle.

8:30 p.m.
This is why you don't do Gabe Wilkins impersonations during practice, even with 67,000+ watching.

8:24 p.m.
No, not 80,000 in the house, but a whole lot.

8:17 p.m.
You are seeing a ton of Rodgers-to-Lacy underneath.  I sense some big-time YAC for the Packers, big-time pain for opposition.

8:09 p.m.
Seems like we're seeing good things on the offensive side...maybe not as much on defense, because the D is not showing its "cards."

8:07 p.m.
The enemy is near at Packers Family Night.  Sort of.

8:04 p.m.
You are seeing tons of yellow hankies tonight.  Refs are calling pass interference close, as they apparently will all season.

8:01 p.m.
This may be your No. 4 receiver, and the guy who would have pushed Abbrederis back to No. 5 on the depth chart.

7:59 p.m.
Those who are trying to watch on TV/online and encountering commercial breaks, here's what you're missing. 

7:55 p.m.
By the way, for those who think this is an insane experience for 80,000 to watch a practice, ask the Alabama guys like Eddie Lacy and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.  They've had 91,000 for a scrimmage back in college.

7:48 p.m.
No, the red semi-circles on many of the special teams guys are not some sort of weird target for bulls.  They are meant to tell defensive players "don't touch my head."

Cut down on concussions.

7:45 p.m.
While fans outside Lambeau enjoyed a commercial break...

7:40 p.m.
Much of Packers Planet agrees.

7:39 p.m.
Yes, it's for a practice. 

There will be about 80,000 Allen Iverson mentions tonight, too.

7:34 p.m.
"Iiiiiiiit's football time!" as Jim Irwin used to say.

They're introducing each part of the team by position group, even the coaches.

7:27 p.m.
Cheeseheads?  How about a head of the thing that makes cheese?

7:20 p.m.
It begins in 10 minutes.  Initial notes:

6:48 p.m.
The good part about all this: 80,000 for a practice, and it benefits this children's charity.

6:37 p.m.
The Packers have hit the field and are warming up.  Remember, you won't see the full pre-game kind of warmups, because this isn't a game.  It's...a practice.

6:09 p.m.
Perhaps the biggest wish of Packers Planet tonight is this:

5:53 p.m.
Someone's rather opinionated about Brett Favre.

5:32 p.m.
As one Packers fan, Michelle Wiskow from Blaine, MN said, "There's nothing better than the Packers, beer and Wisconsin."

5:23 p.m.
They're here. (The fans, that is.)  The stadium will open momentarily.

4:34 p.m.
We're a little less than an hour away from the true events of Family Night beginning at Lambeau Field, but that hasn't stopped tailgating madness - some people grilling out all day before the fun begins.

People have been wearing a lot of No. 12 shirts in the parking lot.

What we're hoping doesn't happen is madness like big-time injuries. contributor John Rehor broke down his request on his main site.

A team on a mission to rebound from failure, a team on a mission to become a champion: that's what the Green Bay Packers want to show off when they invite 70,000-plus fans to...a practice.

I get why people may question why we should care about...a practice.

However, it's not just that Saturday night brings a Packers practice. It's that 70,000-plus get the first glimpse of the 90 men fighting to be part of their favorite team after nearly seven months without watching them.

It's that they get to see the newcomers like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Richard Rodgers, Davante Adams and plenty of others who could immediately impact a team chasing after a 14th world championship.

Of course, it's also a chance to see their favorites like Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, etc.

It's a chance to see if beleaguered veterans like B.J. Raji truly are stepping up like many preseason practices have shown they have.

Oh, plus most practices don't include family activities and fireworks above the most beloved and hallowed ground in pro football.

Make sure you schedule lots of time, though, to get there.  You'll have lots of construction-related delays.

The fun really gets going at the stadium starting at 5:30 p.m. We'll have live online coverage starting then here on

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