Missing Lambeau

Lambeau Field. Image by Doug Russell

Missing Lambeau

By Colleen Brenton, Packers contributor. CREATED Nov 9, 2013

For the first time this season, I'll be watching a Packers home game from the comfort of my living room and not from Lambeau Field.

I've been lucky, I know this.  I did make a vow that my first football season in Wisconsin would involved going to more home games than ever before. 

Thanks to circumstances coming together, by going to the Chicago Bears game, I achieved that goal.  While I'd like to go to at least one more game this year, it's time to experience a game from home as a 'local'.

I've heard the debates on being at the games vs. watching on TV.  The aura of the 'Frozen Tundra' and the energy of the crowd - but also missing key information by being able to listen to the announcers on TV.  

Before living in Wisconsin, every game I was at was also 'the last time I might be able to be here' experience.

I'll miss the anticipation of getting up early, making sure I have tickets in hand and the right tailgating supplies in the car.  I'll miss looking around the tailgating area, the game and any after functions to see which of my friends I might spot.  

(I probably won't miss Highway 41, but those of you who've driven up to the game know exactly why that is.) 

Overall, though, my expectation is that I will enjoy the game every bit as much as those I watched from far away in Idaho - cheering for the Packers when things go well, groaning and (perhaps) overreacting when they don't - and getting to talk to friends and fellow fans on Twitter about all the action is happening (sadly something that can't happen in Lambeau - please, Packers, fix the cell reception issues).

Because, as all Packers fans know, it's really not about where you watch the game.  It's really about who you're watching play.

Go Pack Go.

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