McCarthy: 'Excellent home opener' for Packers win

James Starks. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

McCarthy: 'Excellent home opener' for Packers win

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 15, 2013

Mike McCarthy gave these exclusive comments to Larry McCarren on 620WTMJ/Packers Radio Network after the Packers' 38-20 win over Washington:

- About the game:
"Excellent home opener.  It was a great atmosphere today."

"The way you want to start.  A lot of fine performances in all three phrases."

"I see a football team after two weeks with a lot of production, a lot of growth in front of us...things we can clean up and grow from."

- About Aaron Rodgers and the offensive efficiency:
"We were in rhythm all day.  We had some sacks...things that weren't as clean as you'd like."

"I can't say enough about the efficiency."

- About seeing James Starks have a 132-yard day:
"It felt great. Let's not forget about James Starks.  He was a big part of our Super Bowl run.  This has been a good experience for him.  He's a pro...he had his best training camp.  This was not surprising.  I'm happy for him."

- About the defensive performance:
"The first half was excellent, to keep their offense out of the end zone."

"That's the stuff we can learn from, the throws down the middle...they were very effective against our pass defense."

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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