Fans truly making our world 'Packers Planet'

Fans truly making our world 'Packers Planet'

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 20, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 20, 2013

Is there a more universal football team than the Green Bay Packers?

Well, since NFL Films wrote the copyrighted phrase "America's Team" for the Dallas Cowboys in 1979, that phrase is (sadly in the minds of Packers fans) legally attributed to the silver-starred empire of Jerry Jones.

Never mind the fact that the Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers have good-naturedly competed for the title in spirit over the last three years - particularly during and following their good guy vs. good guy matchup in Super Bowl XLV, inside Jerry Jones' overgrown sandbox.

We're finding that perhaps, the more appropriate phrase is Packers Planet.


Consider all these groups we're finding across the globe - five continents worth.

Of course, Packers fans fill North America, and compete neck-and-neck with Cowboys and Steelers fans groups for the continental championship.

Across the pond, our own Packers contributor Stephen O'Brien writes for and edits the UK Packers site which serves Great Britain and Stephen's native Ireland.

Then, across the English Channel, is Packers France.

(Another one of our Packers contributors, Raymond T. Rivard, did a fascinating writeup on these two fan groups.)

Additionally, Packers bars filled the Abbey Theatre pub in Rome for Super Bowl XLV, even as a Steelers pub was two blocks away from this Packers bar.

We don't know if this guy is a native of Russia or a world traveler, but someone painted Red Square green and gold, too.

There's even matryoshka dolls of Aaron Rodgers, too.

So that's two continents on Packers Planet.  But there's got to be more.

Well, another nation that bleeds green and gold has a Packers fan base - the very busy sports nation of Brazil.

In the land of Pele and other soccer stars that go by one name, "Packers Brasil" goes double on the green and gold love.

Green Bay Packers of Australia has taken to Facebook to spread the Titletown gospel.  Additionally, we happen to see a Packers helmet in a bar run by a Packers fan in Jamberoo, Australia - an hour and a half from Sydney.

Thousands of miles north of there on the Pacific rim, a Packers fan group in Japan has set up what they call "Packer Zone."

JSOnline shows Packers bars in Cambodia, China and Thailand as well.

That's five continents worth. 

Are we claiming there are monstrous fan bases in these nations that love their sports more than the world's version of football (read: Manchester United & Barcelona), Aussie rules and rugby?

Of course not, but there's definitely Packers representation across the world.

Admittedly, there isn't much evidence of a fan group in Africa, and Antarctica is not exactly populated enough - though the frozen tundra there would lend itself to a fan replay of the Ice Bowl.

Still, I think it's safe to say the Packers fan contingency has spread worldwide, and that's only appropriate for the franchise with the most world championships.

Packers Planet, it is.

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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Jay Sorgi, a lifelong sports fanatic, is an editor for He's also a reporter for 620WTMJ and the Packers Radio Network.