Abbrederis picking up the pace of NFL at Packers training camp

Sep 28, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Jared Abbrederis (4) runs against linebacker Curtis Grant (14) during the first quarter at Ohio Stadium. Image by Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Abbrederis picking up the pace of NFL at Packers training camp

By Aron Yohannes. CREATED Jul 30, 2014

Every NFL rookie has something they aim to tackle within the first few weeks of their professional career. 

Most rookies would say it’s the speed of the game itself. 

For Green Bay Packers rookie wide receiver Jared Abbrederis, he’s been able to pick things up and slow things down at the next level fairly well early on.

“It feels good,” the former Badgers wide receiver said at his locker Wednesday. “It’s just about the playbook and as you pick up the playbook it starts to slow down. You just start to play football and not think as much. That’s crucial, and it’s been coming along pretty good.

"Once you start pick up the offense, you start thinking less, and you start playing more. That’s kind of where you want to be mindset wise. I think for the most part, the base offense I have a pretty good understanding. So that helps you play a lot faster on the field.”

Abbrederis has been able to face some of the better defensive backs in the league every day in practice with his own team. He’s competed against against stand-out cornerbacks like Sam Shields and Tramon Williams, along with a guy who has an eye for interceptions in Casey Hayward.

It’s adding even more confidence to a young man who compiled a strong 3,140 yards receiving in four years playing for the Badgers. 

“Being able to go against the guys, some of the starters that have proved themselves in the league is definitely a confidence booster," Abbrederis said. "That’s a way to get better."

Before continuing his football career in his home state of Wisconsin, the Wautoma native faced a long hill to reach where he is today. Abbrederis wasn’t offered a scholarship to play for the Badgers and ended up joining the football team as a walk-on instead.

Abbrederis using that very same experience that helped expose himself in college in the NFL to show he can make an impact in his first season in the NFL.

“It’s some similarities,” Abbrederis explained. “It’s a little bit different being an NFL business but, you just got to approach it the same way … just get to work and not really worry about numbers and things like that – where do you fall on the depth-chart. You just got to play and make them keep you on the field. That’s kind of the way I’ve been going about it. I try not to think too much about who’s going to be here or there, just going out there playing having fun.”