Badgers fans jubilant after blowout win over Baylor


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Badgers fans jubilant after blowout win over Baylor

By Charles Benson. CREATED Mar 27, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 27, 2014

BROOKFIELD - It was a fast start for Badgers fans at the Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon in Brookfield.

"I think it's great, why not Wisconsin - I mean we've been here before, this should be our year," said Badgers fan John Grieb.
A sea of red filled the room as Wisconsin alum and Badgers rower Rachael Buchholtz
watched with friends.
"They [Wisconsin] are in my bracket so they better be in the Final Four," Buchholtz said.
Other fans were hoping the fast start wouldn't fade in the second half.
"I think it's great, I think it's going real good," said Badgers fan Ross Engel.
Wisconsin fans enjoyed a 13-point lead at halftime over Baylor compared to the 12-point deficit last week against Oregon.
In fact, fans were celebrating a Bucky blowout over Baylor midway through the second half.
"They're blowing it up," said Badgers fan Thomas Clow. "It's awesome. Everybody at work has on Badgers today. It's great seeing the support."
After the game - lots of high fives. Wisconsin moves to the Elite Eight, and they're just one win away from the Final Four.
"It's really sweet to get to the Elite Eight," said Cody Wyngaard after the big win.
Saturday should be another big day for Bucky fans and local bars when Wisconsin plays Arizona or San Diego State.