They Grow Old But They Don't Grow Up

They Grow Old But They Don't Grow Up

By Gene Mueller. CREATED Apr 20, 2014


I got to sleep in this Easter Morning.  You can do that when the kids aren't around.

My daughter and her husband are at home, tending to their dogs including Carl the corgi who is convalescing after being, ahem, fixed recently..

My son is home, at least for now, having signed a lease for a duplex a few days ago.  His days under my roof are nearing an end.  He got up early this morning--before me, in fact--not because he was on the hunt for his Easter basket.  He had an appointment at Channel 12 where he was to do a pair of segments on movies, part of his job as an critic.  Instead of tearing through the house looking for hollow chocolate treasure, he was at an anchorwoman's elbow cracking wise about Johnny Depp.

Though both are in their mid 20's, that doesn't mean they're off the holiday rabbit's radar.

The Bunny was busy yesterday, having been called to service by the person who usually handles such duties (Mom, who's swamped at work).  The substitute knew nothing of basket content location (found only a handful of green straw and some seasonal napkin rings in the basement box that said "Easter stuff" on it).  He had a vague idea of contents, and no clue about construction.

He was pleasantly surprised to find a vast array of candy and such at his local Walgreens and Sendik's.  They also had a dazzling array of gift cards which the replacement thought would be a nice touch alongside the Reese's and Peeps.

They were all finished by the time the crew assembled Saturday night for a pre-holiday repast of brats and burgers.  They were warmly received, even though the vice-bunny forgot to remove the price tag from the handle of each of the baskets.

No matter how old the kid, the child lives on inside.  No, they weren't at the bedside this morning before sunrise, tugging on groggy parents to help them find eggs and baskets.  They're big people now, with adult responsibilities and obligations, even on Easter morning.

But they're always your kids, and they'll always appreciate the thought.  And the substitute bunny felt needed and appreciated, even on short notice.

Happy Easter!


Gene Mueller

Gene Mueller

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