PREDICTION: Green Bay Packers 2014-2015 schedule

Dec 22, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers fans hold up a sign during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau Field. Pittsburgh won 38-31. Image by Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

PREDICTION: Green Bay Packers 2014-2015 schedule

By Greg Matzek. CREATED Apr 21, 2014

According to multiple reports, the 2014-2015 NFL schedule will be released this week (as early as April 22 according to

Fans from New York to San Diego will soon be able to spew "logic" on why "their" team will be 11-5 and win their division. "This is the year!" will be a phrase shouted from the goal posts.

Rather than wait for the NFL to tell me who the Packers will play and when, I decided to take matters into my own hand. In a previous blog post, I outlined several factors that must be considered when trying to predict where and when the Packers will play.

Below is what I came up with:


WEEK 1: Thursday, Sept. 4 - Packers @ Seahawks; 7:30pm

WEEK 2: Sunday, Sept. 14 - Packers vs Falcons; NOON

WEEK 3: Sunday, Sept. 21 - Packers @ Dolphins; NOON

WEEK 4: Sunday, Sept. 28 - Packers vs Bears; 3:25pm


WEEK 5: Sunday, Oct. 5 - Packers vs Panthers; 7:30pm

WEEK 6: Sunday, Oct. 12 - Packers @ Bills; NOON

WEEK 7: Sunday, Oct. 19 - Packers vs Vikings; NOON

WEEK 8: Monday, Oct. 26 - Packers @ Saints; 7:40pm




WEEK 10: Sunday, Nov. 9 - Packers @ Lions; NOON

WEEK 11: Sunday, Nov. 16 - Packers @ Vikings; NOON*

WEEK 12: Sunday, Nov. 23 - Packers vs Patriots; 3:25*

WEEK 13: Sunday, Nov. 30 - Packers vs Eagles; NOON*


WEEK 14: Sunday, Dec. 7 - Packers @ Buccaneers; NOON*

WEEK 15: Sunday, Dec. 14 - Packers vs Jets; NOON*

WEEK 16: Sunday, Dec. 21 - Packers @ Bears; 7:30pm*  

WEEK 17: Sunday, Dec. 28 - Packers vs Lions; NOON*


* Game is subject to NFL's flexible scheduling policy



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