State lawmaker admits he's 'conflicted' over who to root for in Final Four

State Rep. John Jagler (R-Watertown).

State lawmaker admits he's 'conflicted' over who to root for in Final Four

By Erik Bilstad. CREATED Apr 4, 2014

WATERTOWN - State Rep. John Jagler (R-Watertown) calls himself a 'conflicted colonel.'

Jagler grew up in Wisconsin and has been a Wisconsin fan all of his life.  He's ecstatic to see the Badgers in the Final Four, but says Saturday's match-up with Kentucky will be 'difficult" to watch.

"I always associated myself with the Kentucky Wildcats," Jagler admits.  "It's the team I've always loved."

Jagler was born in Kentucky and by the time his family (originally from Wisconsin) moved back to the Badger State, the three-year-old's blood had been stained Kentucky blue.  The young basketball player was hooked.

"You need to remember, the Badgers were horrible (when I was growing up in the seventies)," Jagler says.  "I always cheered for the Badgers and hoped they did well.  But I always knew Kentucky would be competitive around tournament time."

Jagler's nightmare scenario has become a reality.  His two favorite teams will square off in the Final Four.

"I'm hoping for a good game," he laughs.  "If I had to pick (who I want to win), I'd pick Wisconsin because they don't get there as often."

"But if Kentucky wins, I won't be crying too hard."


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