Will You Really Be Better Off Without Employer-Provided Health Insurance?

Will You Really Be Better Off Without Employer-Provided Health Insurance?

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED May 2, 2014

The debate this week has been about how many Americans really signed up for Obamacare, how many are really paying their premiums and how many were really uninsured or uninsurable before Obamacare?

There's another much more significant issue that people need to start paying attention to though.

Regardless of whether the number of people signing up for Obamacare is 4 million or 6 million or 8 million, was it worth potentially blowing up the private health insurance system for everyone else?

In 2011, around 160 million people (employees and dependents) received health care through their employers.  As many of us predicted when the Affordable Health Care Act was being debated, experts on both sides of the issue now say that by 2020, about 90% of American workers who now receive health insurance through their employers will be shifted to government exchanges.


The simple reason for this is that companies are quickly figuring out that it is a lot cheaper to drop health coverage, pay the penalty and dump employees into government-run exchanges. 

During the 2 p.m. hour of Friday's radio show, we'll discuss whether those of us who currently receive our health insurance through our employers will be better off on Obamacare exchanges?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section - and be sure to check back later to hear a replay of the segment.

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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