So What Exactly Happened To The Podcasts?

So What Exactly Happened To The Podcasts?

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Dec 25, 2013

 Let's dip into the old e-mail bag and address two questions that I'm getting a lot.  ....

Question Number 1: When are you coming back from vacation?

The answer to that one is easy - Thursday January 2nd.  At Journal Communications, we have to use any vacation that we've accumulated by the end of the calendar year. This year, like most years, I'll actually still be giving back some vacation time.  However with the way Christmas and New Year's Day fell this year, it just made sense to take some time off around the holidays.

For what it's worth, I'm having a great staycation.  I'm planning on seeing a couple of new movies, reading a couple of books that have been sitting on my shelf for far  too long and generally hanging out with family and friends. I'm also dealing with all the joys that a cold and snowy winter brings to someone who lives in an older home.

I'll be back on the air on Thursday January 2nd.  I'll also be back at "Live at 3" on Channel 4 starting Monday December 30th.

Plus, I'm trying to update the web page from time to time.  Please check back to see new stuff.

Question Number 2: What happened to the podcasts of current shows?

About two weeks ago, we unveiled my new web page.  By any objective standard, it's been a great success.  It's much more user friendly for everyone - and seems to have generated a huge response.

I'm very pleased with the look and feel of the new web page and am extremely appreciative of all the hard work our Digital folks put  to make the project happen.  If the White House had hired our folks to do, maybe it wouldn't have been such a hot mess.

The plan is that each day, I'll highlight in advance two or three segments that we'll discussing on the show for that day. The idea is to clue you in on some of the things we'll be talking about and provide an opportunity to comment in advance of the segment.  At the end of each show, we plan to post the audio of the segments that we've highlighted on the web page.

We also made the decision (at least so far) to discontinue posting podcasts of all three hours of the show.  Frankly, producing the podcast of the entire show is somewhat labor labor intensive.  At the same time, I'm somewhat unclear about how many people actually go back and listen to an entire show after the fact.  Our thinking was that by highlighting a few segments, we could more easily  provide a daily fix of the show for those who missed the live broadcast - and add an interactive component to the program for everybody.

Since we stopped posting podcasts, I've heard from a surprising number of people who miss the ability to listen to the replays on a daily basis.  Not thousands of listeners (or even hundreds) but many more than I would have thought.

A lot of these decisions are made by people way above my pay grade - but we're always trying to be as customer friendly as possible. 

So, would you like to see us return to podcasting the entire show?  Please feel free to either share your thoughts in the Comments section or contact me via e-mail. 

Merry Christmas!

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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Jeff Wagner recently completed his 15th year as a talk show host at 620 WTMJ. Jeff's show, which airs Monday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m., features stories which you might not have heard about elsewhere and emphasizes Jeff's common sense approach to issues.