Smoke, Smoke, Smoke --- That E-Cigarette

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke --- That E-Cigarette

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

 I often say that I wish I could eat all the pizza I wanted - and never worry about gaining weight.  Well, so far, nobody has invented calorie free pizza.

Ditto for painless, effective tattoo removal.

When it comes to smoking though, there might be a real breakthrough.

On my radio show Wednesday, we discussed the switch many smokers are making to so-called electronic cigarettes.  Essentially, this involves heating a flavored nicotine juice and then inhaling the vapors.

Frankly, at first this struck me as nothing but a fad.  However, I've heard from lots of people who swear by these things.  They claim that e-cigarettes are both healthier and much cheaper than ordinary ones.  They're also almost odorless, and allegedly a great way to gradually quit entirely.

So, what do you think?  Are e-cigarettes the greatest thing since canned beer?

Feel free to use the Comment section to weigh in on the issue.

And be sure to check back tomorrow to hear a replay of the entire conversation.




Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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