Milwaukee's Most Clueless Politician

Milwaukee's Most Clueless Politician

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Apr 4, 2014

 The results are in.

Milwaukee's most completely clueless politician (and I realize that this is saying a lot) is .... Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen.

Last Tuesday, by a 71% to 29% margin, Milwaukee County voters cut the pay of County Board members in half (thereby effectively turning the Board into a part-time operation starting in 2016).

71% - 29%.

Following the election, Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen used taxpayer resources to put out a statement (which I reproduce in pertinent part):

"Yesterday, wealthy special interests won a bad poll of public perception at the expense of our democratic principles. ...

I do not believe this referendum speaks for everyone in milwaukee county.  This referendum was purposely put on the ballot at a time when the authors of Act 14 knew voter turnout would be low, particularly for districts within the City of Milwaukee.  It is a reprehensible tactic designed to exclude those voters who do not agree with a corporate political agenda.

Multiple wards in my district clearly opposed the referendum.  However the City of Milwaukee had a voter turnout of just 8.97%.  The opinions expressed in these wards were overshadowedby their more conservative counterparts in places such as he City of South Milwaukee, which had voter turnout of 28%. ... "

Do we drug test members of the County Board?

Put on the ballot when voter turnout would be low?  This election wasn't decided on a Tuesday in July. it was the regularly scheduled Spring General election.  The same general election where County Board members are voted on, I might add.

"Reprehensible tactic designed to exclude voters ..."  Reallty? This referendum passed in every municipality in the county!  In Milwaukee, voters backed the referendum 60% to 40%.

The fact is that you could put this question to Milwaukee County voters ten more times - and it would pass all ten ... probably by an even greater margin.

What is reprehensible about all this is that Bowen chose to directly play the voter suppression card (and indirectly the race card).

The simple fact is that this referendum was a long time coming - and the results were less than surprising.  Irresponsible comments like those made by Bowen simply go to show that voters made the right decision on Election Day.



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Jeff Wagner

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