A Carjacker Learns About Karma

A Carjacker Learns About Karma

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Jul 15, 2014

I'm a big believer in karma.  My guess is at least one Milwaukee carjacker now is as well.

On June 22nd, Claudiare Motley returned to Milwaukee for his high school reunion.  As he was dropping off a friend, a gang of thugs approached him and tried to carjack him at gunpoint.  When Motley tried to flee, one of the thugs shot him in the face.

Police believe that the Motley attempted carjacking was simply part of a larger carjacking crime spree being committed by some area punks.  They believe that the person who shot Motley was 15 years old!  15!

In any event, the day after the Motley shooting the same 15-year-old together with a 17-year old partner tried to rob and carjack a woman named Victoria Davis.  Davis, a concealed cary permit holder, pulled out a gun and shot the 15-year-old.  Reports say he might be paralyzed.

I guess karma really can be a you-know-what (especially in our concealed carry world).

Undaunted by what happened to his partner, the 17-year-old (subsequently identified as John Marshall Davis) was back at it again three nights later. That night, Davis and a gang of his hoodlum buddies allegedly stole an SUV at gun point and took it on a joy ride that ended in a high speed chase.

I wonder whether Davis is the type of person that some of the usual suspects would argue shouldn't be locked up? Perhaps they would recommend simply giving him some counseling before sending him back on the streets to rob even more people? 

If the 15-year-old is truly paralyzed, it would be unfortunate.  At the same time, it's the logical result of the life that criminals choose.  Sooner or later, if they continue on a path of crime, they all end up dead, seriously injured or in prison.

Not a very promising future. Karma can be funny that way. 

















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