911 Can't Always Save You From The Demons


911 Can't Always Save You From The Demons

CREATED Feb 14, 2013

If anyone still has any doubts over whether the recent criticism of Sheriff Clarke  by the local newspaper was, well, really dumb, consider the case of Miami's "super dad".

Late Tuesday night, two heavily armed men broke into the home of Maurice Harris.  The intruders held Harris and his wife at gunpoint while demanding cash.  When Harris was unable to provide money, the men headed toward the bedroom where his 11-year-old daughter was sleeping.  My guess is that they weren't intending to play "Candyland" with the girl.

In an effort to prevent is daughter from being raped, Harris began to struggle with the men.  He was then killed in a hail of gunfire. 

The murderers subsequently fled the scene and remain at large.

The child talks about the "demons" who came into the home.  She also knows however that her father loved her and died trying to protect her.

I don't know if Harris was targeted by the robbers or whether this was a random home invasion?  I also don't know whether Harris had a gun in the house (that he couldn't get to in time) or didn't even own a firearm?  Harris did have a criminal record so I'm not even sure that he could legally possess a firearm.

The larger point though is that sometimes you can't dial 911.  Sometimes, you have to be prepared to protect yourself and your family because no one else can.

The Editorial Board of the local newspaper seems to think that preparing yourself to prevent your 11-year-old daughter from being assaulted makes you a "vigilante".  In Miami - and in most places in the real world - it makes you "super dad". 

Because sometimes 911 can't save you from the demons.