Madison's Great Pabst Beer Can Scandal


Madison's Great Pabst Beer Can Scandal

CREATED Jan 30, 2013

Only in the People's Republic of Madison!

Last year, the Madison Metro Transit system pulled in about $450,000 from ads placed on buses.  A couple of those buses were outfitted with "wrap around" ads.  Three of the buses were made to look like rolling cans of Pabst beer (at considerable cost to Pabst).

I actually think the buses look pretty cool.  Unfortunately, many of the do-gooders in Madison didn't agree.  As a matter of fact, some seriously argued that the buses encouraged alcohol abuse among young people.

Right, kids are going to start drinking because they saw a bus dressed up as a bunch of beer cans!  What's next, banning liquor displays in grocery stores or television ads?

Anyway, the Pabst buses are now a thing of the past.  Kind of like the Act 10 protests of 2011 - except that the Pabst buses will be missed.

In response to community complaints, the Metro Transit folks have now taken their advertising in-house and are trying to sell ads to local advertisers.  In addition, the business plans calls for Metro to not actively solicit advertising from alcohol advertisers.  If any alcohol advertiser insists on buying space, Metro will explain "how the community has felt about past alcohol advertising" and work with them to create ads that the community will find more acceptable! 

Boy, that would make me want to spend my money with Metro Transit.

What do you want to bet that advertising revenue is going to plummet?  Goodbye Pabst, Miller Coors and Anheiser Busch.  Hello "Frank's Head Shop", "Harry's Used Book Store" and "Chico's Bail Bonds".

But at least the children won't be exposed to alcohol.

Unless of course they stroll through any of the public spaces around the Capitol and have to walk over the empty cans, bottles, condoms and syringes left by the protest group du jour.

Not to mention what can occur on any given day on a Madison bus.

But that's okay, it is Madison after all - where political correctness reigns and insanity rules.