It's Not What You Threaten To Do - It's Who You Threaten


It's Not What You Threaten To Do - It's Who You Threaten

CREATED Jan 23, 2013

Talk about double standards.

Last week, an irate woman called the Ozaukee County Jail and told the deputy who answered the phone that she had put "a hit" out on Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Thomas Wolfgram.  

Authorities were quickly able to determine the identity of the caller.  She was apparently upset that her son was being held in custody.  I guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

Anyway, 48-year-old Shelly Froelich now finds herself reunited with her son at the Ozaukee County Jail.  She has been charged with making a threat to a judge (which is a felony) and unlawful use of a telephone.

I think it's commendable that Ozaukee County authorities took this matter seriously and have absolutely no problem with the criminal charges in this case.

Still, compare this with how threats against lawmakers are treated in Dane County.

We now know that hundreds of threats have been logged against Governor Walker and Republican legislators over the last two years.  Of those hundreds of threats, only one has resulted in charges being brought by the Dane County District Attorney's Office.  In that case, the matter was resolved in a manner that fell fall short of a slap on the wrist.

My guess is that if threats similar to the ones made against Govenor Walker and the GOP legislators had instead been made against Dane County Circuit judges or prosecutors, the matters would have been handled in a decidedly different fashion.  That is, the threats would have been taken seriously, thoroughly investigated and resulted in charges being issued.  

Face it, in Dane County, justice isn't blind - and it definitely leans to the Left.  In other words, it's not what you threaten to do, it's who you threaten and where you make the threats.