Wisconsin Republicans Need To Remember That They Won


Wisconsin Republicans Need To Remember That They Won

CREATED Jan 8, 2013

As I frequently say, elections have consequences.  That's why we have Obamacare and why it was prudent for some Republicans to vote for tax increases  on the very highest income earners to avoid having the country go over the "fiscal cliff"!

It's also why Governor Walker and the Republicans who control the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly need to avoid becoming overly cautious when pursuing their legislative agenda over the next two years.

I appreciate that nobody wants a repeat of 2011 where Democrats and their union allies threw a tantrum that paralyzed the State.  At the same time, Republicans need to remember that appeasement never works.  For example, does anyone seriously think that Governor Walker will ever be able to do anything that will make the crazies on the Left (like Senate minority leader Chris Larson) happy?

My guess is that most of the extremely controversial stuff ( like Act 10 ) was passed during the first two years of Walker's term.  As a result, I look for the next two years to involve contentious - but not necessarily explosive - issues like tax reform and job creation through streamlined mining legislation.  

Still, with all due respect to bipartisanship, Republicans should not hesitate to pass good legislation simply because it might upset some on the other side.

For example, Republicans should immediately repeal the politically correct "Indian nickname" legislation that was rammed through in the final months of the Doyle Administration.  If the residents of Mukwonago want their high school to retain its Indians mascot, they should have the final say - not some DPI bureaucrat.

Also, legislation to reduce the size of the Milwaukee County Board is long overdue - and controversial only among those Milwaukee County Supervisors who would have to finally get a real job.

I would advise Republican legislators against going out of their way to provoke the loyal opposition.  Still, they should not hesitate to pass (or repeal) legislation that is in the best interests of the State - even if doing so might upset some on the Left (both in the Legislature and the media).

In other words, Wisconsin Republicans need to remember that they won!