The Bears Still Suck


The Bears Still Suck

CREATED Dec 30, 2012

OK, I'll be the first to admit that, with the loss to the Vikings, the road back to the Super Bowl for the Packers just got a little more difficult.

Still, the Packers played an extremely motivated opponent in a very hostile environment and were one or two defensive plays away from a victory. As an aside, how did M.D. Jennings not intercept that pass in the end zone?

Regardless, I highly doubt that the Packers - a clearly better team in my opinion - will lose to the Vikings twice in a row (especially when the second game is at Lambeau Field).  

Assuming the Packers get past the Vikings, I expect the game against San Francisco to be one for the ages. And if they beat San Francisco, I'm buying plane tickets to New Orleans regardless of who they play next.

There is some good news from today however.  First, Aaron Rodgers demonstrated again why he's the best quarterback in football! 

And perhaps more importantly, the Vikings win knocked the Bears out of the playoffs.  So, another Chicago season ends in disappointment and chaos.  In the words of The Happy Schnapps Combo, "the Bears still suck".

And that makes today's loss just a little easier to swallow.