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Will Costas Try To Ban Booze and Benzes


Will Costas Try To Ban Booze and Benzes

CREATED Dec 9, 2012

During halftime of the NFL football last Sunday night, in the wake of the tragic murder/suicide situation involving a Kansas City Chiefs player and his girlfriend, Bob Costas used his air time to go off on a stupid, ill-considered anti-gun rant.

In the face of criticism, Costas chose to double-down.  Instead of admitting that his comments were poorly thought out, Costas opined that he simply wished he had more time to explain his thoughts in depth. 

Sorry Bob, dumb remarks don't suddenly become smart just because you expound on them more.

In any event, I'm wondering what Costas will say tonight following the death of Dallas Cowboy linebacker Jerry Brown? 

 Brown died early Saturday morning when a Mercedes-Benz being driven by teammate Josh Brent slammed into a freeway curb at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle subsequently flipped over, killing Brown.  Brent was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the crash.

So, will Costas come on television tonight and call for a ban on booze?  After all, if people weren't allowed to drink, there wouldn't be drunk drivers, right?

Maybe Costas will come out tonight and call for a ban on automobiles.  I mean, if people didn't drive, there wouldn't be auto accidents, right?

How about governors on cars preventing them from going over 30 miles per hour?  Maybe a ban on luxury autos that give drivers a false sense of security?

No, I doubt Costas will come out this evening and call for a ban on either booze or Benzes. 

First, unlike the gun industry, beer and car companies are big sponsors of of televised sports and I can't imagine that NBC would let Costas bite the hand that feeds him so well.

Second, it would be a stupid point.  Not necessarily any more stupid than his anti-gun rant however.

The tragedy is that drunk driving deaths in this country are preventable.  It all comes down to individual choices.  People need to be responsible enough not to drink and drive.  Just like people need to be responsible when it comes to firearm ownership!

The reality is that we're not going to outlaw beer and we're not going to outlaw cars - just like we're not going to prevent law-abiding citizens from owning firearms.  Nor should we!

Bob Costas notwithstanding.