Another Misplaced Rant Against Concealed Carry


Another Misplaced Rant Against Concealed Carry

CREATED Oct 23, 2012

This was my "give me strength" moment from yesterday.

In the wake of Sunday's shooting in Brookfield, the local newspaper posted a piece entitled "Azana Salon banned concealed-carry weapons".

The article by reporter Sharif Durhams noted that the Azana Salon has posted a sign prohibiting people from bringing concealed firearms onto the premises.   Gee, who would have thought that a sign would fail to deter a homicidal maniac?

Anyway, the article though goes on to state: "Sunday's shooting already has sparked discussion on social media about Wisconsin's concealed-carry law, which allows residents with permits to carry hidden weapons, but allows private businesses to ban them. Gov. Scott Walker signed the concealed-carry measure last year. Sunday's was the second mass shooting in Wisconsin since the concealed-carry law went into effect."


I understand that editors and reporters at the local newspaper continue to object to Wisconsin joining the 48 other States which allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons after meeting certain criteria.  Still, to try to link the shooting Sunday to the concealed-carry law would be what PolitiFact would call a "Pants-on-Fire" lie.

Outside the peculiar bubble of the Journal Sentinel newsroom, it's difficult to imagine that anyone could draw a link between the concealed-carry law and either the shooting Sunday or the multiple shootings at the Temple in Oak Creek earlier this year.  In neither case did the gunman have a concealed carry permit.  In neither case did the gunman apply for a concealed-carry permit.

Talk about correlation without causation. It's like arguing that since both of the recent shootings occurred on Sunday, there must be some connection with that day of the week.  Actually, making that claim might make more sense than trying to tie these shootings to the concealed-carry.

Quite simply, this shooting had absolutely nothing to do with the concealed-carry law!

But why should we expect some elements of the media to allow facts to get in the way of a good rant?