Stay Classy Granny


Stay Classy Granny

CREATED Aug 22, 2012

With sincere apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary: "When will they ever learn?  When will they ever learn?"

I'm referring of course to Wisconsin's Hate Left.  You know, the folks who disrupt events, assault politicians, try to take over government buildings and generally behave like spoiled, self-entitled five-year olds.  The bad, the boorish and the bratty!

I firmly believe that the events surrounding what the media labeled as "Capitol Chaos" contributed to Scott Walker's overwhelming victory in last June's recall election.  Quite simply, a lot of people who might have been on the fence were undoubtedly embarrassed by the misbehavior of the Hate Left - and simply decided that they didn't want to support the bad behavior in any way, shape or form.

Rather than learning their lesson, the haters are back - admittedly small in number but as loud and unhinged as ever.

First, you have the 83-year-old lady who disrupted a Mitt Romney event in Grand Chute Friday.  After interrupting remarks by State Senator Alberta Darling (an all too often target of some of the Left's most vicious attacks), the woman spit on a Romney supporter.  Stay classy, granny!

I'm sure it is coming as a surprise to the protestor that Outagamie County is not Dane County.  While the Dane County DA's Office (and the Dane County Circuit Courts) seem to feel that assaulting Republican legislators is no big deal, things are different in the rest of the state.  That's why it's great to see that authorities are recommending criminal charges against the spitter.  Hopefully the DA's Office - and the courts - will follow through.

Meanwhile, back in Dane County yesterday - a handful of  kooks tried to disrupt an anti-abortion event sponsored by The Susan B. Anthony List. The attempted disruption by the Hate Left - though they were very small in number - was so intense that it almost led to physical confrontations.  For the love of God, when will these Lefties grow up?

I think the June recall election showed pretty clearly that the silent majority of Wisconsin residents have had enough of the bad behavior of the Hate Left.  I also won't be surprised if the backlash continues into November.

So, when will the Hate Left "ever learn"? 

Maybe after they get their heads handed to them in yet another election.

In the meantime, stay classy Granny!