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A Big Mistake Decides The DA's Race In Fond du Lac


A Big Mistake Decides The DA's Race In Fond du Lac

CREATED Aug 14, 2012

Sometimes, a politician just can't come back from a big mistake.

Historically, once you get elected District Attorney, you keep getting re-elected - until you decide to move on or up.  As I predicted back in May,  that wasn't to be the career path for Fond du Lac County District Attorney Dan Kaminsky.

Kaminsky lost Tuesday night in a landslide to a 28-year-old rookie attorney and political novice. 

What did Kaminsky in?

Put simply, he lost because of his bizarre decision to allow an alleged drunken driver to plead guilty to operating an aircraft while intoxicated.  Kaminsky then compounded his error in judgment by defending the decision instead of simply pleading temporary insanity.

To borrow a line from "The Godfather", Kaminisky made himself look ridiculous - and a man in his position can't be made to look ridiculous!  Especially by a self-inflicted wound!

I don't know him personally but I'm told that Dan Kaminsky is a pretty nice guy.  Unfortunately, his political career will forever be associated with a big mistake.