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How Long Will UW's Pervert Professor Stay On The Payroll


How Long Will UW's Pervert Professor Stay On The Payroll

CREATED Aug 2, 2012

Where do they get these guys from?

47-year-old Kennedy Waliaula was arrested by Madison police July 10th  after exposing himself to a UW-Madison student on a street corner.  Waliaula acknowledged flashing this young woman and several others.  He admitted to police that he "has a problem exposing himself in public".

Yes, I guess that would be a problem.

Did I mention that Waliaula is an assistant professor of African languages and literature at UW-Madison? Did I also mention that the young woman he waggled himself at was a student who had taken one of his classes?

That's right, Wisconsin taxpayers have been paying the freight for a flasher.

What's more, Wisconsin taxpayers are still paying for Waliaula.  Apparently, this pervert has been on paid leave since his arrest while this matter meanders through the UW personnel process.  UW officials do however say that these actions could result in dismissal!

"Could result in dismissal"?  You think?  A college professor admits exposing his genitals to multiple women (including at least one student) and his actions "could result in dismissal"?  Give me a break!

It gets better though.  According to a UW faculty web page, Waliaula's academic interests include "African continental and diasporic literatures (particularly Anglophone), Swahili literature, world literature, culture, and literature of incarceration".

So, a guy who can't keep his pants on likes to study "literature of incarceration"?  Maybe the good news for Waliaula is that he'll now have the opportunity for some first-hand research.

Hopefully though he'll be off the UW payroll by then.