Is The City Of Racine The Most Screwed Up Community In Wisconsin?


Is The City Of Racine The Most Screwed Up Community In Wisconsin?

CREATED Jul 18, 2012

When you live in a State that contains the cities of Milwaukee and Madison, the bar for the title of "most screwed up community" is set pretty high (or low).  Still, Racine is making a strong case for being Wisconsin's most messed up locality.

First, you have the complete breakdown of the election process. 

The Government Accountability Board says that there's no proof of fraud - yet.  Regardless, the way the City of Racine ran the June recall election would embarrass a banana republic.  For example, basic election statutes were not followed, same day voter registration procedures were not followed, pages from poll books were found missing, ballots were pre-initialed and ballot bags were left unsealed. 

And don't even get me started on the informal partnership between the Racine Public School System and a far left-wing advocacy group that led to public school students being used to turn out thousands of voters in heavily Democratic wards.

The cherry on the cake of Racine's incompetence however might be what happened yesterday.

Last year, the Racine City Council rushed to approve contracts with over 500 City employees for 2013-2014..  The purpose in pushing through these contracts was to get  the agreements in place before Act 10 went into effect.

You remember Act 10? The law that limits the collective bargaining rights of employees and gives communities more flexibility when it comes to addressing wages, benefits and work rules.

In any event, the City of Racine is now facing a $2 million deficit in the 2013 budget as  result of these contracts.  Gee, what a surprise! Not!

So what do the yo-yos who voted for these contracts do now?  They've voted to rescind them.  I bet the Bucks would like to be able to "rescind" a lot of the bad player contracts they've signed over the last several years.

Not surprisingly, the union representing the public employees is threatening to sue the City if it refuses to honor its contractual obligations.  No surprise there - and a perfectly reasonable position for the union to take.  

The problem, of course, is that the Racine City Council shouldn't have rushed the union contracts through in the first place.  There was absolutely no reason in February of 2011 to push a deal for 2013 - especially when Act 10 was hanging fire.  However, the City Council wanted to suck up to the public employee unions - and now they're in a huge pickle.

A pickle that you find yourself in when you live in the arguably most screwed up community in Wisconsin.