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Something You Must Read Before The Recall Election


Something You Must Read Before The Recall Election

CREATED May 29, 2012

If you only read one article before voting in the recall election, this is that article.

When Scott Walker took over as Governor of Wisconsin, he faced a $3 billion budget shortfall.  By reining in collective bargaining, requiring public employees to make modest contributions to their health insurance and pensions and imposing spending limits, Walker was able to balance the budget.  Most impressively, Wisconsin has not seen a dramatic curtailment in public services or vast public sector layoffs.

In contrast, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn rammed through the largest tax increase in Illinois history.  One year later, despite $7 billion in increased taxes, Illinois finds itself in an arguably worse situation than before.

The money is gone.  Illinois has the lowest credit rating of any State in the country. Bills are going unpaid.

And most importantly, Illinois is now faced with stripping away public worker pension benefits, drastic cutbacks in service and huge cuts in spending on social services.

In other words, "epic fail".

The problem is that raising taxes without addressing the spending side of the equation can never work.  Quite simply, Illinois can't raise taxes enough to cover their increasing costs.  

In Wisconsin, we've held the line on taxes while implementing a solid formula to control spending.  The result is a balanced budget and a workable financial model for the future.  In Illinois, they jacked up taxes and are now really - in a word - "screwed"! 

Want to know what Wisconsin would look like if Barrett were to win?  Just check out Illinois - but be warned, it's not a pretty sight.