Good News For Wisconsin Is Bad News For Barrett


Good News For Wisconsin Is Bad News For Barrett

CREATED May 16, 2012

It turns out that earlier estimates were wrong and that Wisconsin's job creation picture during 2011 was brighter than originally thought.  These final numbers, consistent with a number of other economic indicators, is certainly good news for Wisconsin.

The numbers are also extremely bad for Tom Barrett.

I think it would be fair to say that the Barrett campaign is floundering.  Trailing in polls and having trouble raising money from national Democrats (what does that tell you!), Barrett supporters have been arguing that he would be a better job creator than Scott Walker.  How Barrett (who has  not exactly been a job magnet as Mayor) would suddenly create jobs as Governor remains a mystery - but that's the claim.  Now it turns out that many of the job numbers Barrett has been using are - well - wrong!  Oops.

The recall election occurs in 20 days - and that's a lifetime in politics.  Still, things aren't going well for Barrett and it wouldn't be surprising to see him lose by an even greater margin than in 2010.

And that would be good news for Scott Walker and good news for Wisconsin.