A Drunk Walks Into A Bar In Tijuana


A Drunk Walks Into A Bar In Tijuana

CREATED May 9, 2012

True story.

I had a friend in college who went to visit some mutual buddies in San Diego.  One night, after a couple of beers, my buddy decided to drive across the border into Tijuana.  When he woke up the next morning (on a park bench), he noticed that his wallet, car keys and shoes were all missing.  He also had some unexplained bruises.

After listening to the story, I asked him why he drove into Tijuana in the first place?  He replied: "It seemed like a good idea at the time"!

I thought about this story last night as I was watching the election returns.  Kathleen Falk, the ever so opportunistic hand-picked candidate of the big public employee unions in Wisconsin, received 35% of the vote - in the Democratic Primary.  She lost about 55 counties in Wisconsin - and lost her home base of Dane County by an almost 2 to 1 margin.

Talk about epic fail.

What is so amazing about the Falk flame out is that it came after organized labor dumped around $4 million of the money of their members into supporting the Falk run.  $4 million. 

WEAC and AFSCME should be passing out t-shirts to all their members with the slogan: "My union blew $4 million of my money and all I got was this t-shirt".

Organized labor has so little clout that word is that a "Unity Rally" scheduled for today had to be canceled because it is speculated that Tom Barrett didn't want to be seen at an event with a bunch of Union-istas.  Ouch! 

As a practical matter, the candidacy (and political career) of Kathleen Falk was doomed the moment she pledged to veto any State budget that didn't contain a provision repealing Act 10.  I mean, it's one thing to be a closet union shill, it's another to be a total toady.

What's really incredible though is that,  campaign promises aside, the big labor bosses didn't realize how flawed Falk was as a candidate.  Then, after blowing $3 million in initial ad buys, they added another $1 million in the last days of the campaign.  So much for union clout and political savvy.

If I were a Wisconsin public employee today, I might be inclined to ask my union leadership how they miscalculated so badly?  I mean, how could they blow $4 million on Kathleen Falk?

To save you the trouble of asking, I think I know the answer you'd get to the question: "Why did union bosses give Kathleen Falk so much money?"

Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

At least my buddy had some fun in Tijuana before he got rolled.  I wonder if Wisconsin public employee union members can say the same thing today?