Why Do Madison Liberals Hate Women?


Why Do Madison Liberals Hate Women?

CREATED Apr 14, 2012

What is it about conservative women that drives the media so crazy?

First, you had the disgraceful assault on Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch by a Madison talk show host.  An attack which, by the way, has never been denounced by the raging hypocrites that constitute the liberal elite in this State.

Now, you have a truly bizarre blog posting on the website of the ever so politically correct Capital Times about Ciara Matthews, the campaign spokesperson for Governor Walker.  The point of the story? When she was in college, Ms. Matthews supported herself by working as a waitress - at a Hooters Restaurant!

Yes, the same restaurant chain that has locations in Brookfield and Greenfield.

Talk about a slow news day in Madison.

Bloggers for The Capital Times apparently felt that this was enough of a story to ask Ms Matthews whether Governor Walker knew of her past when he hired her?  Huh?

They also cited a website that questioned how a pro-life Republican could have worked at Hooters? Really?  I mean, I've eaten at Hooters from time to time and have never heard a waitress offering abortions along with the chicken wings.

Seriously, if either Tammy Baldwin or Kathleen Falk had worked as a waitress at a sports bar while putting themselves through college, you know how the story would have been written:  "Liberal woman starts as waitress, works her way to position of power".  When it's a conservative woman however, it's something else. 

Talk about a war on women - at least a war on conservative women!  

I hope the disdain that some on the Left have for females like Rebecca Kleefisch and Ann Romney is now clear to everyone.  

As for Ms. Matthews, I don't think she needs to wear a scarlet "H".  She does need to realize however that  she has a target on her back - because there are a lot of Madison liberals that hate conservative women simply because they're conservative women.

I'm frequently asked by candidates and political operatives to meet for coffee in order to discuss the issues in a particular campaign.  The next time Ms. Matthews contacts me, I know where I'm going to suggest we meet. 

Now that will be a story!