A Silly Protest To Protest Candidates


A Silly Protest To Protest Candidates

CREATED Apr 12, 2012

As left-wing operatives continue to make absurd claim after absurd claim, you have to wish the mainstream media around here would exercise a little discretion.  I mean, not everything the crazy naked guy on the sidewalk shouts is news.

The latest example on non-news news?  The story about challenges to protest candidates in upcoming Democratic recall primaries.

Wisconsin Statute 8.21 defines the "declaration of candidacy" that people seeking elective office in Wisconsin need to file.  Essentially, a candidate needs to declare that they are seeking the particular office, where they live, that they are eligible to serve if elected and that they are not disqualified from seeking the position due to criminal convictions.  That's it.  

In partisan elections, candidates get to choose which political party they will affiliate themselves with for purposes of the election. 

In order to assure that all recall elections occur on the same day, Republicans in Wisconsin have arranged for "protest" , "placeholder", "fake" (choose your term) candidates to appear on the Democratic Primary ballots for the four State Senate recall elections.  From the GOP perspective, this is necessary to assure that a general State Senate recall election doesn't occur on a date when the only major statewide race is the Democratic Primary for Governor.  This tactic is necessitated by Wisconsin's bizarre recall election rules.

Some liberal groups claim that a Republican shouldn't be able to run in a Democratic Primary - even if they've received enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.  Good luck with this argument.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke runs for office as a Democrat - even though many suspect him of being a Republican in his heart.  Would these lefty groups argue that Clarke shouldn't get to choose which political banner he gets to run under?  If that's the case, who decides?  Does "One Wisconsin Now" think they should be the ones who choose who gets to run as a Democrat?  I don't think so!

In Wisconsin, the key test for ballot access is the ability to get signatures on a nominating petition.  If a candidate gets enough signatures, that candidate gets on the Primary ballot.  The voters in the Primary then get to decide which candidate moves on.  Period.

In other words, this is a silly protest to protest candidates.  Nothing to see here.