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Epic Fail: Tim Carpenter, Karma And The $64,000 Sell Out


Epic Fail: Tim Carpenter, Karma And The $64,000 Sell Out

CREATED Apr 4, 2012

They say that everybody has their price.  For State Senator Tim Carpenter, I think that price was $64,000. 

Too bad it didn't work out for him.  I guess karma really is a you-know-what!

According to reports, last month Tim Carpenter had committed to break ranks with his Democrat colleagues in the State Senate and vote in favor of the bill to streamline mining approval in Wisconsin.  In exchange for his vote, Carpenter had supposedly received a promise that a program to train high school students for future mining and manufacturing jobs would be set up in his State Senate District.

Talk about a win-win.  The State gets thousands of good paying jobs and Carpenter gets a training program for voters in his District.

Anyway, at the last minute, Carpenter allegedly reneged on his promise and voted against the mining bill.

So why did Carpenter weasel out (with apologies to weasels everywhere)?  While he tried to blame the Governor after proposal failed and the mining company pulled out, I think the answer is much simplier.  $64,000!

At the time of his vote, Carpenter was running for City of Milwaukee Treasurer against one of his legislative colleagues, Spencer Coggs. If you wonder why someone would leave the State Senate to become City of Milwaukee Treasurer, the answer is easy.  A State Senator makes about $50,000, the City of Milwaukee Treasurer makes about $114,000 - a difference of $64,000.

If Carpenter had broken ranks with his fellow Democrats and voted for the mining bill (purportedly giving Scott Walker a "win" on job creation), you know this would have been a huge campaign issue in the Treasurer's race in the heavily Democratic-leaning City of Milwaukee.  Therefore even though I believe he knew a vote for the mining bill was the right thing to do, I think Carpenter was more worried about his immediate political future.  So much for profiles in courage.

In a twist that can only be described as karma at its finest, Carpenter lost the Treasurer's race last night.  Ouch.

The bottom line is that Carpenter doesn't get the extra $64,000 a year, his State Senate District doesn't get the job training, an economically distressed area of the State doesn't get thousands of good paying jobs and no one will ever believe Carpenter again when he promises to do something.

Talk about an epic fail!