Has The Fond du Lac County DA Gone Completely Crazy?


Has The Fond du Lac County DA Gone Completely Crazy?

CREATED Mar 29, 2012

There's really no subtle way to pose this question.  Has the rookie Fond du Lac County District Attorney gone completely crazy or just temporarily insane?

Stung by criticism over his mind boggling decision to plead a drunk driving case involving a prominent Wisconsin resident down to "Operating an airplane while intoxicated", the first-term Fond du Lac County DA has decided to fight back.  Chalk this up to the old saying: "When you're wrong, be strong".

In defending his actions, the DA has used his taxpayer paid for "News Page" on the official Fond du Lac County website to write an eight-page opinion piece justifying his bizarre plea bargain. In doing so, the DA raises questions about the setting of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's "breath machine".  In other words, to try to save his political skin, he has decided to try to throw the Sheriff's Office under the bus (and potentially jeopardize future prosecutions).  Wow!

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff says that it's difficult to work with the DA and that the "gloves are coming off".  The DA claims that Fond du Lac officials "inappropriately censored him" by removing a portion of his rant from the website without his permission over concerns that it represented a misuse of public resources.  What a complete and total self-inflicted hot mess!

The Republican DA seems to believe that his way out of this matter is to portray himself as a victim of biased reporting and politically motivated opponents.  As a conservative myself, I understand how happens from time to time.

Not in this case though!

When it comes to the "drunken flying" flap in Fond du Lac, the DA should be looking himself in the mirror and asking whether he went completely nuts - or just temporarily insane?

And he should stop digging himself deeper into the hole he created - climb out - and move on!