March 6, 2012: A Day That Will Live In Wisconsin Political Infamy


March 6, 2012: A Day That Will Live In Wisconsin Political Infamy

CREATED Mar 7, 2012

I sincerely hope that the silent majority of Wisconsin residents see what's going on - and are outraged.  You know, mad as hell and not willing to take it any more!

First, you have 16 Democrats in the State Senate who join with one RINO and kill common-sense legislation which would have led to a $1.5 billion iron ore mine in Northern Wisconsin.  The mine would have directly employed 700 workers and indirectly created thousands of more jobs - pumping tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars into one of the most economically distressed areas of the State.

As of result of the irresponsible actions of the "Sad Seventeen", the mining firm that was planning to make an investment in the State has now pulled out!  Thank you Tim Carpenter, Lena Taylor, Spencer Coggs, Chris Larson, Jim Holperin, Tim Cullen, Mark Miller, Jessica King, Robert Wirch, Julie Lassa, Robert Jauch, Fred Risser, Jon Erpenbach, DaGve Hansen, Kathleen Vinehout - and of course, Dale Schultz.

If that wasn't enough, an anti-Governor Walker Dane County Circuit Judge issued an injunction barring implementation of the new Voter ID law.  In the big picture, I have little doubt that the result-oriented ruling of Circuit Judge David Flanagan will be overturned once the matter gets to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Still, for the moment, the Flanagan ruling has injected even more chaos into the already troubled Wisconsin electoral system.

Again, Dane County liberals find themselves being the tail that wags the dog that is the State of Wisconsin!

So, here's the question.  Will the silent majority of Wisconsin residents finally stand up and say "enough is enough"? Are citizens tired of having their State turned into a banana republic? 

The upcoming recall elections should give us our first indication! 

For now though, March 6, 2012 stands as a day that will live in Wisconsin political infamy!