Why Are Kenosha Authorities Stalling On The UW-Parkside Faked Hate Crime Prosecution?


Why Are Kenosha Authorities Stalling On The UW-Parkside Faked Hate Crime Prosecution?

CREATED Mar 5, 2012

It's been more than a month since UW-Parkside was rocked with allegations of hate crimes and death threats against several African-American students.  After a couple of days of turmoil, in a development that did not come as a complete surprise to at least some of us, it was revealed that the scare was actually a hoax perpetrated by an African-American student.  According to authorities, that student subsequently confessed her involvement. 

That was more than a month ago and - as of today - no charges have yet been filed!

So why is the Kenosha District Attorney's Office dragging its feet?  I'm reasonably confident that had the "hit list" been real (as in "prepared by a white person"), charges would have been forthcoming as soon as the suspect was identified.  Instead, I'm told by one of my colleagues that authorities now refuse to say when - or even IF - charges will be issued.

As an aside, the Kenosha Sheriff's Office has been on top of this case from the beginning.  My suspicion is that the delay is not with them - especially since they say they referred charges over a month ago to the DA's Office.

So, what's going on here?  This does not seem to be a particularly complex matter.  Student fakes a hate crime, student gets caught, student gets prosecuted. Face it, from the perspective of a prosecutor, this seems about as straight forward as you get.

This incident was a big deal at the time it occurred.  I heard from parents who considered pulling their children from school and from students who didn't feel safe on campus.  Just like people shouldn't be allowed to get away with committing hate crimes, people shouldn't be allowed to get away with faking them.

Which brings us back to the original point.  Why are Kenosha authorities stalling on the UW-Parkside faked hate crime prosecution?  Inquiring minds want to know!