Riding The Recall Railroad - Madison Style


Riding The Recall Railroad - Madison Style

CREATED Mar 1, 2012

As I've said before, to call the Wisconsin political system a banana republic would be to insult banana republics.  Need more proof, look at the ongoing fiasco that is the Government Accountability Board (aided and abetted by the so-called "justice system" in Dane County).

First, recall organizers falsely inflate the number of petitions that were turned in - and the mainstream media either gets taken in or decides to be willingly complicit in spreading the lie.  Then, the Government Accountability Board denies third-party groups like True the Vote the ability to challenge fraudulent or erroneous petitions.  Then, a Dane County Judge denies the Walker campaign a simple two-week additional extension of time to challenge signatures.

In the peculiar view of one particular Circuit Judge, fraud is apparently not important.  According to Circuit Judge Richard Niess, "There is little likelihood ... there is going to be any legitimate challenge to the sufficiency of the petitions. ...  We are going to have a boatload of extra signatures we don't need."  In other words, if there are 540,000 valid signatures, who cares if another 200,000 are a product of fraud?

As a result, the Walker campaign was unable to complete its review.  Thanks Judge - way to protect the integrity of the process!

It gets better though.

Now, the Government Accountability Board (aka "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight") is saying that they probably need more time to complete their review of petitions!

I wonder just how dumb Judge Niess feels now?

Actually, I think that if the GAB asks for a bit more time to review recall signatures, that request would be reasonable.  Of course, the two week extension requested by the Walker campaign was reasonable as well. 

I can't help but wonder why the GAB didn't share the fact that it was considering asking for more time with the Court at the same time the Walker campaign was making its request.

I guess that would have made too much sense - and made it perhaps made it more difficult for the Dane County Judge to justify denying Walker's request for an extension to challenge signatures.

From the false claims of one million signatures made by recall organizers to the various bizarre decisions by the GAB to the head shaking ruling from Dane County Circuit Court, one thing is crystal clear. 

In Wisconsin, we're riding the recall railroad - and the train is being driven by Dane County.

When the recall election inevitably occurs, hopefully the rest of Wisconsin will rise up to stop the palace coup.