Bob Donovan, Superstar - At Least For Now


Bob Donovan, Superstar - At Least For Now

CREATED Feb 22, 2012

At least for now, Bob Donovan stands tall!

As  one of the few conservative members of the Milwaukee Common Council, Bob Donovan has had a target on his back for quite some time.  This is, after all, the City of Milwaukee.  I mean, who needs a guy like Bob Donovan asking questions about spending over $100 million on a two-mile streetcar line or questioning huge spending on police radios that don't work? 

Obviously the voters of his District think they do!

Earlier this year, the Common Council passed a redistricting plan aimed specifically at increasing the minority population in Donovan's District.  There's no doubt in my mind that lots of people at City Hall enacted this particular plan with a hope towards forcing Donovan out of office.

After Round One, that effort has been an epic fail.

Yesterday, Donovan placed first in a four person primary with a whopping 60% of the vote.  While there's still another election to go, Donovan obviously (and deservedly) enjoys a lot of support in his District.

Particularly sweet was the fact that former Milwaukee School Board member (and current left-wing nut job) Jennifer Morales ran third in the Primary with a paltry 252 votes (16%).  Ouch!

As an aside, Morales had been endorsed by both the MTEA and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council. So much for the value of endorsements from the union bosses. 

The Primary election was a low turnout affair and the general election will certainly pose additional challenges for Alderman Donovan.

Still, at least for now, Bob Donovan is one of yesterday's big winners - and you know that has to drive Mayor Barrett and some of Milwaukee's "liberal elite" crazy!