Stop The Presses! A Political Appointee Has Political Ties!


Stop The Presses! A Political Appointee Has Political Ties!

CREATED Feb 15, 2012

The anti-Walker vendetta being conducted by some in the mainstream media is really getting embarrassing.

The local newspaper today features a front page story on Angela Herl.  In December, Herl was hired as the administrator of the Division of Professional Credential Processing.  This is the group that issues credentials for doctors and other licensed professionals.  The job pays about $81,000.

Before taking her new position, Herl worked for the state as a payroll and benefits specialist for about 20 years.  She was making $54,000 before taking her new job.

So, you ask, where's the scandal?

Well, according to the newspaper, Herl is married to the chairman of the Dane County Republican Party and was hired for this political appointment without going through a competitive process.

So, again you ask, where's the scandal?  

Good question. Her boss says he was familiar with her work and was impressed with her ability.  That's probably true.

Beyond this though, the job is a political appointment and she has some political ties.  I think it would be surprising if she didn't.  She also has extensive experience in Wisconsin government.

I mean, it's not like Jim Doyle - who hired a politically connected insider to who wasn't licensed to practice law in Wisconsin to be an advisor in his office of legal counsel.

I think you can reasonably ask why a position like this is a political appointment? I also think it's fair to ask why a job like Milwaukee City Comptroller is an elected position?  These however are questions for another day.

It seems to me that this story is another really cheap shot in an effort to discredit the Walker Administration.  My guess is that you can look through the list of "political appointees" and staff of many elected officials and find people lots less qualified than Ms. Herl.

Those stories wouldn't fit the media template however.

A political appointee with political ties.  Who would have thought?  Stop the presses!