Kathleen Falk Sells Her Soul - And Sells Out The State!


Kathleen Falk Sells Her Soul - And Sells Out The State!

CREATED Feb 9, 2012

It's a truly amazing disclosure!

In order to obtain the endorsement of public employee unions in any upcoming recall election, Kathleen Falk  has sold her soul - and sold the rest of us out!

Union leaders have demanded that potential Democratic challengers to Governor Walker agree to veto any future State budget unless it restores collective bargaining rights for public sector workers.  Kathleen Falk appears to be the only candidate who has agreed.

Let's break this down.  Falk has apparently promised to veto a $60 billion document unless it restores collective bargaining rights.  In other words, Falk is willing to potentially destroy the credit rating of the State, devastate municipal budgets, jeopardize public safety and bankrupt programs - all to appease her Union masters.

It's no wonder that Falk's previous two runs for statewide office have gone down in flames.

I hope that the public employee unions have promised Falk a lot of money.  I mean, if she's going to sell her soul, I hope she's not selling it on the cheap!