Kathleen Falk And The Ghost Of Christmas Future


Kathleen Falk And The Ghost Of Christmas Future

CREATED Jan 23, 2012

After twice being rejected in her efforts to win statewide office, the ever opportunistic Kathleen Falk hopes the third time is the charm.  In announcing that she's running to be the Democratic challenger to Governor Walker, Falk says that she wants to "undo the harm that Governor Walker did".

Let me translate. Higher taxes, more raids on designated funds, more smoke and mirrors when it comes to State finances, a downgraded credit rating, mass layoffs, unpaid bills and a return to out-of-control spending on public sector workers!  Yeah, that's a winning hand all right.

Anyone seriously considering voting for Kathleen Falk needs to simply look to Illinois to see how Wisconsin would look if Falk should somehow become Governor.  Needless to say, it's not pretty.

The Ghost of Christmas Future scared Scrooge straight.  The specter of Kathleen Falk as Governor should have the same effect on Wisconsin voters.