How To Find Out If You're A Victim Of Recall Fraud?


How To Find Out If You're A Victim Of Recall Fraud?

CREATED Jan 19, 2012

One of the questions I'm hearing a lot lately is: "How do I know if somebody signed my name on a recall petition without my permission?"

Good question - and thanks for asking.

Verify the Recall is a group committed to analyzing the names that appear on the recall petitions.  You can click here to be included in their "No Sign" program.  According to the group, if you register, they'll notify you if your name appears on a recall petition..

If you have been a victim of identity theft in the recall process, you'll have to notify the Walker campaign to get them to object on your behalf.  If there appears to be systematic identity theft, it's possible that laws may have been violated.

This aspect of the verification process doesn't address fictional names, underage signers, non-existent addresses, address fraud or ineligible signers.  If the group running Verify the Recall is able to make this program work though, it will give you some peace of mind knowing that your identity hasn't been stolen.

If the Government Accountability Board does create a searchable data base containing names and addresses of all "signers", people with Internet access will have another avenue to check to see if their names or addresses have been misused. 

Regardless of whether or not a recall election proceeds, I think efforts to strike improper signatures is important.  If nothing else, a high error/fraud rate would provide justification for tightening the signature process for future recall efforts!