Forget "Democracy", This Is What A Banana Republic Looks Like!


Forget "Democracy", This Is What A Banana Republic Looks Like!

CREATED Jan 18, 2012

Yesterday, Democratic activists claimed to have turned in sufficient petitions to force recall elections against Republican State Senators Scott Fitzgerald, Terry Moulton, Pam Galloway and Van Wanggaard.  All four were elected to four-year terms in November of 2010.

Here's where it gets good.  Organizers claim to have submitted 20,600 signatures against Fitzgerald; 21,000 against Moulton and Galloway; and 24,000 against Wanggaard.  Obviously, a lot of these signatures will be thrown out - but's let's assume that every single signature is valid.

In November of 2010, Fitzgerald was elected with 44,529 votes (67%).  His Democratic challenger received 19,230 votes.

Moulton was elected with 32,448 votes (54%).  His Democratic challenger received 27,375 votes.

Galloway was elected with 32,640 votes (52%).  Her challenger received 29,742 votes (47%).

Finally, Wanggaard won with 32,306 votes (52%).  His Democratic challenger received 29,930 votes.

So, over 44,500 people elect Scott Fitzgerald to a four-year term and now he has to face a recall election because less than half that many people sign a petition?  Give me a break.

Moulton and Galloway win four-year terms and they have to face recall elections because opponents submit less signatures than the number of votes their opponents received and 11,000 fewer signatures than the actual number of votes they received!  The same thing is true to a slightly lesser degree for Wanggaard!

Don't like the results of an election?  Let's have a do-over and let's make it ridiculously easy to thwart the will of the majority.

Face it, this is not what "democracy" looks like.  This is what a banana republic looks like. Actually, that's an insult to banana republics - they'd never make it that easy to overturn the will of the majority!

Welcome to Wisconsin in 2012!